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C5-C6 Herniated Disc

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A C5-C6 herniated disc might be a very frustrating and debilitating health for an individual to reside in with. This article will discuss such a C5-C6 herniated disc is actually, the most common symptoms with it, causes, and treatment options for healing this situation.

In order to understand what a herniated disc is, we must first examine what the discs of the spine are, and that they are put together. There are 23 spinal discs, and maybe they are located between each set of vertebrae (bones in the spine).

These discs serve a few purposes - first of, they are a special type of ligament, which holds the vertebrae with the spine together. Second, they act as a cushion and surprise absorbers, so the bones of the spine can move freely without causing you pain.

Their structure is pretty simple, but very important as a result of what they do. Each disc of the spine comprises a firm outer layer (called the annulus), and a jelly center (called the nucleus). I often refer for them as “jelly doughnuts” for that reason.

When a disc herniates, the outer layer tears, and the jelly commences to push through the weak section of the disc. This condition can be incredibly painful, but what makes this interesting is that discs of the spine are designed to not feel pain.

The reason why? Well, think about it - once they are constantly absorbing surprise, wouldn’t it be preferred of you don’t come to feel pain with every move you make? Of training course, this leads to the following question - if the spinal discs don’t come to feel pain, what makes comfortably be managed so painful and debilitating?

The disc in most cases herniate at the again, which unfortunately is directly with the spinal cord and the nerves of the spine. The nerves control everything in your body, and if there is any pressure applied to them, they become aggravated, which can be really painful.

This condition can be extremely serious, though, simply because the nerves do control everything in your body. For example, in the situation of a C5-C6 herniated disc , the nerves that will be affected control the biceps, heart, lungs, chest muscle groups, jaw muscles, neck together with skull muscles, sinuses, several other things.

Because of this connection, it is very common that a person suffering with this condition won’t just experience neck pain, but may also experience pain, numbness, or weakness inside arms and hands, chest pains, difficulty breathing, head aches, jaw pain, sinus troubles, etc.

The cause of a C5-C6 herniated disc is usually a injury or trauma on the neck. Car accidents, declines, sports-related injuries, etc.

However, this condition can also be caused by other, less obvious means additionally. Austin Sports Medicine, physical therapy Austin, Sports Medicine Austin